Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unlawful Raid Targets Small Businesses Selling Herbal Incense

For more on the raid, click the title of this post to be taken to the Orange County Texas propaganda release the Nazis would be proud of.

The article states "Penalties for the manufacture, sale or possession of K2 are Class A or B misdemeanors. K2 or Spice, often marketed as herbal incense, contain substances that produce psychoactive effects similar to those from smoking marijuana. These marijuana-like substances are readily available through smoke shops, gas stations and the Internet."

Actually that is FALSE. The class A and B misdemeanor charges are NOT for possession of "K2", or other HERBAL INCENSE that contains synthetic cannabinoids, but rather HERBAL INCENSE that contains any of the five synthetic cannabinoids that have been SCHEDULED by state law and the DEA.

If the substances contained in the products were of the RCS family such as RCS-4, or of the AM family such as AM 2201, or even if the substances were JWH-210, JWH-081, JWH-122, or ANY of the HUNDREDS of jwh compounds out there, then no law was broken and the officers responsible have given the business owners the ability to file charges on the officers for theft and economic terrorism and perhaps other charges as well.

Notice how they will not call these compounds synthetic cannabinoids but rather refer to them as "substances that produce psychoactive effects similar to those from smoking marijuana".

A) they only produce effects if you smoke them which the label clearly does not advocate when it states "not for human consumption"!
B) They were developed to produce effects dis-similar to smoking marijuana- i.e. they were made to produce unique effects that are very different from those of natural cannabinoids that produce psychoactive and analgesic effects.

It also states "Officers made contact with clerks and or owners at each location to advise them of the law concerning synthetic marijuana, and also gave them a copy of the new law."

Well, then they also advised the store owners that NONE of the compounds that are not on the list of FIVE newly scheduled cannabinoids are in fact illegal to possess, or distribute, and that upon bringing to court certified lab tests that prove that NONE of the scheduled compounds were on the products, the owners may file theft and other charges.

It also stated "No one was arrested as a result of this operation, however follow up visits will be made and arrests will be conducted if the stores continue to violate the new law concerning synthetic marijuana. "

This, even though there zero evidence that has been found that substantiates the claim that the owners were distributing scheduled compounds or substances.

Let's hope the "Retail Compliance Association" will help these store owners file charges on the officers responsible, and win and make the officers pay court costs with the money they likely have made off of their cocaine and illicit drug trafficking that makes them so eager to steal products from small business owners.

If you are outraged by this, and especially if you are a Texan, please find a way to support the following businesses and let them know that the customer is always right and that they will have your support in fighting the illegitimate confiscation of these products so that they may imprison/jail the offending Sheriff and officers and once again stock these products with legal JWH, and AM and RCS series cannabinoids without fear of unlawful arrest/persectution.

Apparently the Sheriff of Orange County can't read the law and thinks he can interpret it to mean whatever he chooses. If you criminals in the OCPD expect us to play by the rules, then you had better as well. No making them up as you go. We're playing by you're rules, and winning, so either accept defeat, or prepare to lose your jobs to your own criminal deeds.

Vitamin shops in Orange County Texas had better not sell Potassium tablets in the form of K2 or he'll confiscate your products illegaly and call it "synthetic marijuana" no matter how many times the bottle says it's a vitamin and NOT to be smoked and not to be confused with herbal incense!!
Thank You.

P.S. A note to Herbal Incense manufacturers:
If possible, you may want to briefly outline the points that I have made regarding the legality of your product such as perhaps "Using this product in a manner inconsistent with it's labeling is a violation of federal law" or "100% unscheduled by state and federal law" and perhaps a "Not for human consumption= this product is not a drug or a synthetic substitute for illicit drugs".

Happy Hunting!

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