Sunday, May 15, 2011


Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act AND Synthetic Drug Control Act
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Go to  Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act AS WELL AS Synthetic Drug Control Act and click the comment button and take the time to make your voice heard before your alternatives are TAKEN from you before you WITHOUT A VOTE. Otherwise you may need to stock up. 

The Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act is going to committee and this will ban a number of the JWH series, AM, "bath salts", incense; you name it here in the US.  This includes many synthetic cannabinoids as well as "synthetic weed" or "synthetic pot". DON'T LET IT GET ANY FURTHER IN THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS.

H.R. 1254
But you can go to Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act AND Synthetic Drug Control Act to comment and send it to congress.

I urge everyone to go there and comment and let them know to back off. We're talking MILLIONs of comments not the meager TWELVE that's up and one is MINE. I urge you all to let them know that prohibition does not work and that as someone who's neigbor, son, friend etc(get creative) has been severely affected by ONLY jwh18 or other compounds like MDPV and NO OTHER as they are the ONLY dangerous ones we KNOW, that you will RAISE HELL if they ban ALL of these when it will ENCOURAGE the use and impurity and danger and PROFIT, and that they need to leave the rest of the RC's alone unless there are significant reports of adverse side effects. We should also encourage STUDY of them to determine long term effects and make sure to tell them that if they want to END synthetic dope they must LEGALIZE natural dope so that the law enforcement personnel have to get jobs to make up for the lack of drug-money.

Let them know that if they leave the others alone that the situation will improve, but that banning them all will lead to more dangerous alternatives just as weed prohibition has lead to this.

Let them know that they CANNOT enforce this either just as they cannot kill all ants on earth without ruining the entire planet.

Last week I posted synthesis details and videos for JWH18. Here's another jwh synthesis video

I hope to bring you more noid related awesomeness, but it will be pointless unless YOU go to this site AND this one and PROTEST the bill outlawing JWH and other chems because of a FEW dangerous ones.

I hope to bring you vendors that accept paypal, and JWH synthesis details as well as related news on it and even links to free samples from vendors, but this needs to be stopped NOW - THIS MONTH before it get's further and passes into law. If YOU don't act, then YOU will be without this valuable alternative. Synthetic weed and synthetic cannabinoids are HERE and on the market for one reason- they WORK. PLEASE comment to congress to strike down the ban on synthetic weed, synthetic pot, synthetic cannabinoids, jwh compounds and let them know that jwh18 is the one that is dangerous, not 081 or any other we know, especially not if made in strict settings where the quality is on par with every other manufactured product.

Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act Synthetic Drug Control Act

Stop Them Before It's Too Late!!!

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