Friday, May 4, 2012

3rd Generation Blends

There's a bit of talk of 3rd generation herbal incense blends, aimed at satisfying the market in states with draconian bans, and some are reported to be relatively good.

The question seems to me, to be "Are they actually legal?....In 50 states?"

Unfortunately, if they don't reveal their secret ingredients, there's no way to know as a customer if it's all natural, or if it still has research chemicals on it.

On the one hand, it's not any different than Pepsi keeping their recipe a secret. For all we know the caramel color, causes cancer...what- it does?

On the other hand, if it is all natural then the fact that it is effective would make the recipe all the more valuable and worth guarding.

But that's kinda the problem. For a long time "not-pot" has made lots of claims and often been all natural, but pretty ineffective. Some, even can be dangerous, as in the case of certain herbs or extracts causing liver problems in high quantities, or with chronic use.

So, should they disclose their ingredients?
Or should there be an organization, much like the "Non-GMO Project" that independently tests these substances, in random sampling, both in a lab for research chemicals, and in the field for effectiveness?

And what if it's a completely new, undetectable 'noid? It's not impossible for some to have been invented by the gray market, that could be hard to detect and the blend could test as natural.

I'm curious what everyone else has to say, so feel free to comment below ;-)