Friday, May 4, 2012

3rd Generation Blends

There's a bit of talk of 3rd generation herbal incense blends, aimed at satisfying the market in states with draconian bans, and some are reported to be relatively good.

The question seems to me, to be "Are they actually legal?....In 50 states?"

Unfortunately, if they don't reveal their secret ingredients, there's no way to know as a customer if it's all natural, or if it still has research chemicals on it.

On the one hand, it's not any different than Pepsi keeping their recipe a secret. For all we know the caramel color, causes cancer...what- it does?

On the other hand, if it is all natural then the fact that it is effective would make the recipe all the more valuable and worth guarding.

But that's kinda the problem. For a long time "not-pot" has made lots of claims and often been all natural, but pretty ineffective. Some, even can be dangerous, as in the case of certain herbs or extracts causing liver problems in high quantities, or with chronic use.

So, should they disclose their ingredients?
Or should there be an organization, much like the "Non-GMO Project" that independently tests these substances, in random sampling, both in a lab for research chemicals, and in the field for effectiveness?

And what if it's a completely new, undetectable 'noid? It's not impossible for some to have been invented by the gray market, that could be hard to detect and the blend could test as natural.

I'm curious what everyone else has to say, so feel free to comment below ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Karen Dobner Versus Freedom

For those of you unfamiliar with Karn Dobner,who's son died in a car accident after ingesting an herbal blend and driving at 100mph, she's been aggressively campaigning to get HR1254 passed, which would outlaw many synthetic cannabinoids federally, as well as the many state bans, which are in effect, or under consideration. She's doing so because she would rather that, than to teach children around the country that many dangerous things are legal. She would rather give her and every mother's responsibilities as a mother to the state, than to exercise them.

 UPDATE 4/4/12:
Dobner has removed any intelligent arguments against bans, in an effort to censor intelligent debate that cannot win and now requires you to register/log in to comment. She has also turned on comment moderation. Continues to post news hyping dangers of "synthetic marijuana" while ignoring the fact that it's only dangerous because KAREN DOBNER does not want it to be regulated and the impurities that are harmful, removed and sold only to adults. Karen Dobner must not be able or willing to actually refute my points to any degree of competency, or she would not be glossing over them as though a ban will hinder flow of a substance, when history has proven that is naive at best. Her consistently malicious behavior against the youth and the public in pushing bans suggests that she wants more, impure, dangerous chemicals ON THE STREET, and this indicates to me that it is because she wants others to suffer for her mistakes and irresponsibility, because she doesn't have the courage to face them herself. Still, I encourage you all to comment on her blog and force her to read your comments and know that she is in the minority!

I encourage readers to comment on HER blog, not mine, telling her what she's doing is not helping:

Karen's argument is that if it were illegal, kids would not have thought it was safe, and not have tried it, and gotten bad reactions.

Well, Karen, whether you want to admit it or not, it is not the role of government to tell people what is and isn't safe, and prohibition has never been about safety. If you want a nanny state to tell your kids what's safe and what isn't then you may as well hand over your kids to the state, just as your handing them your responsibility to teach your child better than you did.

Anslinger said prohibition of cannabis was about this dangerous weed making "white women have sex with black men". It was about racism.

You aren't protecting children by instituting bans, you are ensuring that sale to minors will NEVER be prohibited, as police officers and high schools students will be dealing these substances to children- not herbal blends, but the actual chemicals themselves, and they will never have any assurance that they are not contaminated with deadly/dangerous impurities that you can't seem to understand are the obvious cause of these reactions you claim to be fighting to stop.

You aren't passing a law that protects children, you're passing one that lets government profit off of you lack of responsibility in making sure your son knew better than to think it was safe. If you or he though that illegal drugs are illegal because they are dangerous then you must not have listened to, or had real parents. If you thought the inverse was true; that legal drugs are safe, then you should have educated yourself. Prescription drugs kill thousands of people legally every year. You and your son had no excuse to think the government should protect you or has the authority to protect you from things you should know not to do, or to do only with serious caution and after educating yourself.

If your son thought that something made in China with a label that clearly reads "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" was safe because it was legal, then that's not the government's problem or duty as outlined in our founding documents, IT'S YOURS.

Hard as it is for you ti accepts, both your son's bad judgment, and your lack of educating him or yourself, is what allowed him to do what he did, and meet death in a fatal car accident.

Hard as it is to swallow, government's role is clearly outlined. They have no authority to ban substances, which is why they AMENDED the constitution to outlaw alcohol. There is no such amendment allowing bans on other substances.

Those of you reading, I encourage you to comment on Karen's blog just to let her know that she's got more opposition than she thinks.

Be kind, but especially if you're a parent, PLEASE weigh in on your position.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rand Paul Stops HR 1254 From Regulating Synthetics

Well, according to this site, senator Rand Paul, son of President Ron Paul stopped HR 1254 in it's tracks.

The bill, (look it up on by searching "synthetic" and be sure to comment so that your representatives will get them when the bill is reconsidered) would federally ban certain synthetic research chemicals, namely JWH cannabinoids. 

The problem with the bill, is that instead of having parent's imprisoned for neglect, it aims to use substances as a scapegoat for their neglectful behavior. encourage people who have children, to not bother doing any actual parenting.

Now the good news is that Senator Rand Paul listened to the will of the people and stopped this bill for the time being. How? Well, it starts with the fact that they tried to "fast track" the bill. You know, that thing they do where nobody reads this thousand page legalese and then vote to unanimously pass it?

Yeah well, it turns out that Rand Paul voted "NO" and so the "fast-track" won't work just yet.

This also means that when that "emergency" DEA ban is lifted on May 1st. that unless the DEA can somehow renew it, or schedule them federally, at least a few JWH compounds will be legal in at least a few states that haven't banned them at least for a time.

The bad news is, it's not over and they are likely to federally ban them at some point. Here in Texas and similar states, it will change nothing however, as it's all been banned, so that the cartels can do what they do and smuggle more drugs, and now synthetics that will likely be the same Chinese(impure, dangerous) JWH people were buying before only at a higher price.

We'll see what happens but this changes fast, so if you have any information regarding state, local, federal or other regulation etc. feel free to comment.