Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rand Paul Stops HR 1254 From Regulating Synthetics

Well, according to this site, senator Rand Paul, son of President Ron Paul stopped HR 1254 in it's tracks.

The bill, (look it up on by searching "synthetic" and be sure to comment so that your representatives will get them when the bill is reconsidered) would federally ban certain synthetic research chemicals, namely JWH cannabinoids. 

The problem with the bill, is that instead of having parent's imprisoned for neglect, it aims to use substances as a scapegoat for their neglectful behavior. encourage people who have children, to not bother doing any actual parenting.

Now the good news is that Senator Rand Paul listened to the will of the people and stopped this bill for the time being. How? Well, it starts with the fact that they tried to "fast track" the bill. You know, that thing they do where nobody reads this thousand page legalese and then vote to unanimously pass it?

Yeah well, it turns out that Rand Paul voted "NO" and so the "fast-track" won't work just yet.

This also means that when that "emergency" DEA ban is lifted on May 1st. that unless the DEA can somehow renew it, or schedule them federally, at least a few JWH compounds will be legal in at least a few states that haven't banned them at least for a time.

The bad news is, it's not over and they are likely to federally ban them at some point. Here in Texas and similar states, it will change nothing however, as it's all been banned, so that the cartels can do what they do and smuggle more drugs, and now synthetics that will likely be the same Chinese(impure, dangerous) JWH people were buying before only at a higher price.

We'll see what happens but this changes fast, so if you have any information regarding state, local, federal or other regulation etc. feel free to comment.

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