Monday, November 7, 2011

URB Series and CB-13

URB 597, URB-602, URB-754, AB-001 and cannabinoid agonists like CB-13 and other research chemicals are likely to appear on the market and maybe even in blends at gas stations if it's not already there.  Research on these seem to be more obscure than what has been banned in many states, and prompted the market to shift to new compounds.

URB-597, URB602, and URB-754, AB-001, JTE-907 as well as CB-13 may just get more people in emergency rooms (probably not more than caffeine though and certainly won't kill thousands of people like malpractice- bad doctors do... every.... single... year.) and prompt more legislation.

It's hard to say or list which states have bans that cover such compounds, and which ones may not cover them, but it may be banned under certain laws such as the Texas ban on synthetics. The Texas ban for instance (which is also listed on this blog) actually has language that (to me as a layman) seem to indicate that any cannabinoid made in a lab is banned unless you can prove in court that the effect is not pharmacologically similar to natural cannabinoids.

The URB series may not be promising, and the CB-13 may not catch on either, so is the end of synthetic cannabinoids on store shelves? Maybe. If CB-13 becomes popular then what next? An intersting one that's come to my attention as of late is AB-001, which apparently was used (and detected) in Irish blends in 2010. The thing about this is that, in states where the law must specifically ban the chemical structures and derivatives, AB-001 may skirt regulation for a time as it seems to be an analog of jwh-018. States whose ban covers these analogs however, may regulate it but there's also no telling if it will be detected by tests that look for other jwh compounds.. Also nobody knows who invented it! Obviously a smart person invented it but the question is if such an untested chemical like this will make headlines and also be banned because of adverse reactions. Then we have the JTE-907 and other compounds (Created by JapanTobacco corporation!). JTE-907 is an inverse agonist so it should do the opposite of other cannabinoids... such as suppressing appetite.

The big question I want to know is: Will they be pushed off the shelf and onto the streets...and into the hands of children as our drug laws are designed to do?

If so, will the products like URB-597, or the URB-602, or URB-754, AB-001 or CB-13 be blamed because they were sold after a previous ban that is the root cause along with prohibition of cannabis, and what products will be banned after the URB series?

Will they be harder to detect? Will they be safer? Or less so? What do you think? Feel free to comment and share any info you may have, thank you.


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