Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JWH and the DEA

As the year draws to a close, and a ban looms over the horizon, many are scrambling to find a substitute for jwh-018, or to find an alternative JWH, or synthnoid to make incense with.

It's my concern that the alternatives may wind up being more harmful than 018.

I also worry that all JWH's may now be called analogs and that is upsetting.

Feel free to comment on any concerns, comments, ideas, or anything like that regarding jwh-018 or any JWH or incense or the ban, the law etc. that you may have.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Do YOU want to learn how to synthesize JWH-018?

 UPDATE: 3/26/11
Go here for a full(Unconfirmed) recipe to produce JWH-018 (For educational purposes ONLY) :

Go here to find a link to an outfit in China offering the technology to synthesize all JWHs "in house"  (Unconfirmed-please comment if you get RESULTS):

 Old post is left here, mainly because of the keywords, and serves to attract visitors interested in the subject; please see above articles for updated details.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

JWH and State laws

If anyone knows of an up-to-date list of state laws on the subject please COMMENT with a link!

How many of you have been avid jwh-018 or incense lovers, for some time? How many of you have had no problems with jwh-018 ...until the ban?

I'm wondering, if you're say in a state like Louisiana, which has outlawed jwh-018, how many of you are likely to drive out of state to score jwh-018?

Furthermore, how many of you are going to take the risk of getting in trouble with law enforcement for jwh-018?

(When jwh-018 is outlawed, only outlaws will have jwh-018 and that could be the Yakuza. Good job state and local government! Induce violence and poverty through controlling substances and their commerce!)

Further still, how many of you are going to try to find 'legal' blends with other synthetics on them? Some may be able to get away with that if you are in a state that outlaws jwh-018 specifically. Espescially if it is labelled accordingly.

But, I have had friends who supplied JWH-FREE products internationally, tell me that often even JWH-FREE, synthetic-FREE products, are OFTEN rejected by customs.

Oh and, WHY is everyone LETTING local/state governments CLAIM and ASSUME that 'K2' (Which is not ONE PRODUCT, but a NAME for blends that MAY OR MAY NOT have JWH or OTHER synthetics) and jwh-018 is CAUSING these severe reactions.

What studies have theses public SERVANTS conducted that concluded that jwh-018 was on the stuff someone smoked and freaked out on?

I mean really, a kid smokes this stuff, goes into a bad trip, goes to the hospital, and everybody does a news story on how dangerous the stuff is and ACT LIKE what this kid smoked is in EVERY BAG of herbal incense!

They don't say, hey we need to get that stuff to a LAB RIGHT NOW to find out what RC is having that effect, and possibly where it's coming from, how it works, and what damages it could cause.

That's like saying cheese is poison, when ONLY KRAFT made bad product. It's like saying we need to ban the CHEESE, because KRAFT made a bunch of contaminated cheese!

Just INSPECT the products, and LICENSE them, and the serious side effects will likely become very rare imo.

Have an opinion on the subject?

Feel free to post!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

JWH Ban In Louisiana

Coming in mid-August, the Louisiana legislature is going to ban synthetic cannabinoids and the herbs they are combined with to make herbal incense blends.

This will make somewhere around a dozen states that have banned, restricted, or are looking into regulating 'spice' products.

The ban will outlaw JWH-018, as well as JWH-073 and other synthetic cannabinoids. The question is: Will this stop anybody? I beleive the answer is "No".

If they ban jwh-018, then it will become alluring to the very teenagers they aim to hassle- basically daring everyone to buy as much jwh-018 or herbal incense as possible.

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