Friday, March 25, 2011

New Legal DEA compliant Blends And how to synthesize JWH!

We have been seeing a number of blends and products touting 100% legal DEA compliance in recent days/weeks.

Most of these have a mix of any number of JWH 250 or JWH-081, JWH-210, AM2201, and even questionable ones like RCS4 and NRG1.

Look out for newer ones like JWH-307, others in the HU series that haven't been banned and others you have never heard of like JWH-011 and JWH-203. Look out for these new wonder JWH's and possible dangers/side effects- and feel free to report on them in the comments!

And for those of you wanting to synthesize JWH yourself there is a website I've found, run by some folks in China with their own private lab- with pictures of the lab and stages of production on their site. They claim that you can synthesize jwh "in house" and from the pictures on their site of the lab, it looks as though you can do so- albeit with questionable reliability/safety/accuracy

They also claim to sell:
"- The list of substances for production JWH (all) and MDPV (all substances aren’t prohibited by the law)
- A complete management to use + video
- As you will get constant support from our employees + a discount for ready substances
Cost: The price individual (write on an e-mail:

For production JWH (all) and MDPV we will give all necessary substances to you (All necessary documents and licenses will be applied (for customs)).
After purchasing of technology of synthesis you can make JWH (all) and MDPV in house conditions.

They take wire transfer as payment, of course. It appears to this blogger that they may actually be legit, although you may question their procedure/understanding of the products. The only way to find out is for some brave soul to contact them at the email above, and ask about synthesis (Try asking about 081, as it's universally accepted as relatively forgiving to researchers and probably one of the easier ones to synthesize). 

If you do get any satisfaction, answers, or responses, PLEASE post them here in the comments, so that we can list them as confirmed to be a legitimate supplier and lab for JWH, or a con.

If anyone brave decides to go for it, please let us know, 
A) How much do they charge for products and synthesis technology? Hundreds? Thousands?
B)  What do they send you exactly? Equipment, lists, (EASY) instructions?
C) If legit, how much skill/danger is involved? Safety/accuracy/reliability of instructions etc.
D) What impurities and problems are involved? What chemicals are required and how easy is it to produce/get them
E) How professional is their service? I.E. Is it some weak instructions; complicated details lost in translation, or sub standard anything?

F) How likely is it for the average joe to learn to make the stuff?


jaredhouse said...

it is $2000 for the info alone. $5000 for the info and stuff to make it. and $10,000 for something else i didn't even bother to read. way too expensive to buy much less from an un-supported source.

E-Man said...

Haha, the info is free, just search for the chemical name(not what we call it; i.e. 1-pentyl... ) and synthesis until you find the pdfs. It may be a good deal for the supplies and recipe, if it's good and not a rip-off. Keep in mind that ONE kg goes for 5-10k in some cases/areas. Probably 10k for mdpv? Also if you pm a user named 'fubar' on, he might tell you or help you find his posts where he described it for those with some skill. I think that's just 018 though.

Anonymous said...

You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). . Great stuff, just great!. . .

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