Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well, the JWH Ban is Finally HERE...

But what of the other jwh varieties not specifically included in the DEA's temporary ban of jwh-018?

What of jwh-210, jwh-081 and jwh-203 and jwh-398 and all those other numbers that go in between 1 and like, what, 400?

Will the other jwh cannabinoids be considered analogs, and if so will that hold up in court?

What of AM-2201 and all the other various cannabinoids?

JWH is a powerful industry thanks to media hype, so will it stay? Perhaps. Let's hope that whatever happens it will be in favor of personal freedom and choice.

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k2 herb said...

When will we learn that drug prohibition is absolutely futile especially in the case of k2 herb products? Not all of this k2 incense stuff is illegal. They are constantly reformulating it to get around these bans so people will continue to legally buy k2 products and I guess the big dogs will continue to waste money on chasing it down.