Friday, June 3, 2011 Herbal Incense Review.

A free sample of Scientics Incense™ is what we have  for you today for a limited time!
Finally, an herbal incense blend worthy of my endorsement! This stuff really is fantastic, and to prove it they're giving away samples when you buy one affordably priced tube! Just mention coupon code "MINISCI01" at checkout! It's even better than voodoo herbal incense and I think the aroma is even better than barely legal herbal incense!  Can't beat this stuff or the price!!

This has got to be the best incense I've ever smelled!
This stuff had an aroma lasting for hours. It was very strong, but not overwhelming ever. Just like I like it! So try it today! Grab your free sample of this herbal incense before it becomes a collector's item! If you're a fan of K2 or voodoo herbal incense, space herbal incense, or barely legal incense, you'll love this!

Do you like Voodoo herbal incense? How about Space herbal incense?
Well, they've got serious competition from ScientificsIncense ™

A free sample of this is amazing considering how chocolatey and pleasantly strong the aroma is and how little it takes to  fill the air with a lingering scent that's affordably priced and incredibly aromatic.  

Forget voodoo herbal incense, forget space herbal incense and barely legal, but whatever you do, DON'T forget to snag a FREE sample by clicking the link above and misentioning coupon code MINISCI01 when purchasing. Prices affordable and aroma  is generous.

Low Intensity                                               High Intensity
Purple --> Blue  --> Green  --> Red  --> Orange --> Yellow -->White --> Black

Purple is highly aromatic and the price is under $20 per 1.5g tube! Get it while it lasts and get a free sample with coupon code minisci01 -that's like 33% more FREE!

Experience the smooth aroma of Scientifics Incense in SEVEN laboratory strengths.  Scientifics increases in intensity from Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow to the most intense White.  Scientifics Incense is a premium line of incense made with only the finest organic herbs for a fresh, slightly sweet aroma.
For a limited time only!
USE Coupon code: MINISCI01
 To Get Your FREE sample with prchase
New to Scientifics?
Not sure what your color is?
Try the Mini Sample Pack containing eight mini tubes, one of each color filled with a sample amount of incense for a memorable experience.

ONLY $19.95


Blue is better, 
Green is incredible,
Yellow is a step above orange & red
White is amazing and black  is the ultimate.
All are superb, even purple, and it gets better from there!

They have the duration/intensity/price combination for you!
 If you want scientific then click Free sample and mention coupon code 
MINISCI01  when placing an order.

100% compliant with DEA regulations

Scientifics Incense are sold for incense purposes only and are not for human consumption.  You must be 18 or older to purchase.  ©Scientifics Incense™.

Use of this product in a manner inconsistent with it's labeling is a violation of federal law.


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