Sunday, January 2, 2011

JWH-018 Is Banned! What Now?

Well, now that the ban on JWH-018 and 200, and 073 are in effect, some are attempting to sell and purchase and fertilize with JWH-250, or JWH-081 or others, not covered by the ban.

However, there is a question as to the legality, as now that those JWHs are banned, it could be argued that the other JWH's act similarly, and are thus analogs, or that they are structurally similar in which case they can also be considered analogs.

Some are saying that ones like JWH-250 or JWH-081 are too different chemically/structurally to be considered analogs. I'm afraid that's for lawyers and courts to decide...unfortunately it seems we will have to wait and see if anyone is prosecuted...successfully.

If you want JWH, then I suggest you stock up while it's available as it may not be in 2012. Unfortunately, they are all RC's and as such, their individual properties make it difficult to judge if any one compound is more suitable than another, and so there may not be one as preferred as JWH-018, but JWH-081 and JWH-250 may be of consolation, and if so, you may want to get it before it's all off the market for good.

Feel free to comment on anything JWH/incense/RC/Synthnoid related!

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